Population: The Ciutat Vella district is one of the ten districts of Barcelona. It has 102,237 inhabitants and comprises all the historical center of the city. 6.3% of the city population is concentrated in Ciutat Vella and  proportion of households is similar (6.2%). The percentage of foreigners is also the highest in the city, comprised of predominantly Asian nationalities (Pakistan and the Philippines). The level of income and education is below the average of Barcelona. It is a district of tertiary activity, with greater relative weight of offices and tourism, containing more than a third of the hotels of the city, and a strong weight in business. Ciuta Vella district is administratively divided into the neighbourhoods of El GoticRavalBarceloneta and Sant Pere, Santa Caterina i la Ribera (El Born)
Average price housing, profitability, revenues, contracts in Ciutat Vella: The average price of second-hand housing sales in this district is 4170 € / m2 during 2018  3299 lease contracts were signed in Ciutat Vella. These contracts had an average income of 875 €/month and the Generalitat de Catalunya (government) notes that rents rose by 14.00 % over the previous year.  first quarter of 13.5 €/month/m2 (Raval),  14,1 €/m2 Gothic quarter, 19,5 €/m2/month La Barceloneta and 15,1 €/m2/month Sant Pere, Santa Caterina i la Ribera according to the Catalan government (15.30 € /m2 according Fotocasa.com portal and  20.27 €/m2/month habitaclia for September 2017).

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