BERKINDER is a company specialized in the comprehensive management of property rentals since 1966.

The following are some of the services we offer at very reasonable fees:

Services in the administration of rented properties (premises, homes, offices)

• Drafting of rental contracts adjusted to the interest of the client and the Law in force at all times.

• Pay the taxes that correspond to the property. Settlement of VAT, Real Estate Tax, IRPF withholdings, etc.

• Update rent each year to inflation. CPI

• Change ownership supplies.

• Act as interlocutors for all rental incidents: tenants, neighbors, contractors, alarm companies, supplies (ENDESA, AGBAR, etc.), City Council, INCASOL, Generalitat, etc.

• We make detailed monthly settlements to the property

• We manage formal and informal communications with tenants (increase in rent due to CPI, annexes, terminations, contract termination, subrogations, etc.)

• We represent and defend the interests of the owner before the City Council, the Community of Owners, insurance companies, the neighbors of the property or any person who disturbs the property.

• Attendance at the meetings of the Community of Owners on behalf of the owner when necessary.

• Pay or make pay Community expenses and IBI (Real Estate Tax) on behalf of the owner (deducting said payments from the rents to be settled).

• Coordinate and help tenants to change the domiciliation or ownership of supplies (including new contracts for basic supplies such as water, gas and electricity).

• Custody of a set of keys for the client’s property.

• Custody of the lease and documents related to the property.

• Coordinate all maintenance issues and verify the work performed.

• Send invoices and photos of the work done electronically to the owner.

• Urgent repairs and those for less than €120 will not need the prior approval of the owner client to be carried out.

• Inspections at the entrance and exit of the flat, premises or office.

• Issue invoices when necessary.

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