The orientation of a home has a direct relationship with environmental comfort, light and energy savings at home of up to 70%, but we do not always take this into account. It’s a mistake. It is so important that when an architect designs a building, deciding the orientation of the walls and windows of the building or property is one of the fundamental aspects of his work.

Perhaps it is an aspect that is taken into account more in the purchase than in the rental of flats, but the impact that orientation has on the electricity and heating bill is the same, whether you live for rent or if you live in Barcelona as owner.

For this reason, if you are thinking of buying a new construction apartment in Poblenou or going to live for rent in the Gotic neighborhood, we will tell you how to find out the ideal orientation.

Why is it important to consider the orientation of the house?

The orientation is influenced by whether you live in a place with a hot or cold climate, the most prevalent winds and natural accidents (mountains, rivers, vegetation) or artificial (such as neighboring buildings)

Therefore, when taking into account the orientation of the home when choosing its location, we are taking into account factors as important as how the comfort will be within it throughout the year and the savings that will allow us in air conditioning and energy efficiency.

Different possibilities of orientation of the house and its main characteristics

Orientation of the house to the north:

In houses facing north, the sun does not affect directly, so it only receives some solar radiation at the first and last minute during the summer months.

The expenditure on heating during winter is the most accentuated in the north orientation, for this reason, it is not usually an optimal orientation for the majority of climates in mainland Spain.

Orientation of the house towards the south:

In houses facing south, the sun shines all day in winter, spring and autumn. In summer only in the central hours of the day, just when it is hotter. For this reason, it is a good orientation for colder climates but for areas where it is warmer, you will have to consider spending on air conditioning or on good awnings. In Barcelona, ​​the south orientation is usually called the sea or Tarragona orientation.

Orientation of the house to the east

In homes facing east, the sun shines from the time it rises to noon, being a good option for most homes as there is no high energy expenditure. Heat accumulates during the day and is released during the evening.

Orientation of the house to the west

In the houses facing west it is the opposite case to the previous one. The sun shines from noon to sunset. It does not accumulate heat during the day to spend a more comfortable winter and receives the sun in the hottest hours, which represents an energy cost in air conditioning in summer.

Intermediate house orientations

SOUTHEAST: In winter the sun shines all day and the rest of the year, until noon.

NORTHEAST: The sun does not shine in winter and the rest of the year, until noon.

NORTHWEST: In winter the sun does not shine and the rest of the year, it affects from noon to sunset.

SOUTHWEST: In winter all day and the rest of the year, it affects from noon to sunset.

Thinking of buying or renting your apartment in Barcelona? Do you take orientation into account when buying or renting a home? Let us know!

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