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Investing in Sants district (Barcelona)

Investing in Sants district (Barcelona)

Sants is an attractive district for investors. It’s like a town within a city. The focal point is the station where thousands of people take the train everyday to travel to Madrid and other cities. Furthermore near the station we find one of the city’s main convention centers in Plaza España. This district has more than 180.000 residents which represents 11.8 % of the total population of Barcelona. Sants district has four neighbourhoods: Hostafrancs, Badal, Sants and La Bordeta, Sants being the most expensive and La Bordeta the cheapest.

The area that attracts the most hospitality investors is Passeig the Sant Antoni and Tarragona street where we find a lot of hotels conveniently located near the station. The retail investors keep their eyes on Sants street , one of the most commercial streets in the city. Housing investors will find the object of their desire in a place like Osca square or the new park above the train line in the Mercat Nou area. Of course there are pockets of opportunity alongside less appealling areas and and problematic spots within in generally nice areas.

At BERKINDER we offer legal advice, brokerage services, market research and the experience of more than 40 years investing and advising investors in Barcelona.

 Send us your request and we will contact you. We will send you a services proposal and a free analysis.  Figure out what your house’s market rent should be.  You can also call us or     at  +34 692112284


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